Nov 272012

Cahir Free WiFi, Co. TipperaryCahir Free WiFi

WiFi is all important to our lives these days, and becoming moreso with the advent of more and more smartphones, tablets and portable laptops.

Whether checking for important emails, Twittering to your followers or just checking your Facebook page, WiFi has become somewhat of a necessity in our connectivity requirements.

If you need access to Cahir Free WiFi then you are in luck. Located right in the centre of the Square you’ll find the Lazy Bean Café. There is free parking right outside the door and we offer Cahir Free WiFi to all our customers, just ask for a code at the counter.

Wheter just stopping by for a cup of coffee or looking for a breakfast or lunch menu you’ll find the Lazy Bean Café can cater for all your dining needs.

If you’re travelling on the M8 Motorway you’ll find us just off Exit 10, so it is very easy to access if you are on your way from Dublin to Cork or vice versa.

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