Feb 042013

Daily Specials at The Lazy Bean Cafe

Daily Specials at the Lazy Bean Café

Each day at the Lazy Bean Café you’ll be able to avail of a daily special from the following list. Just check our site every day to see what today’s special is. Alternatively visit our Facebook Daily Specials Page, where our specials will appear daily.

All Day Breakfast – http://bit.ly/TrLKt0

Baked Potato Special – http://bit.ly/TrLFpo

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich Selection – http://bit.ly/QgGJD3

Warm Cajun Chicken Salad – http://bit.ly/QgI0dg

Chicken Nigello Panino – http://bit.ly/QgMO2t

Ciabatta Ham Delight – http://bit.ly/QgOqJq

Ciabatta Pesto – http://bit.ly/QgQH7m

Ciabatta Bacon Sizzler – http://bit.ly/14t9yoA

Ciabatta Chicken Twist – http://bit.ly/14talFO

Curry Wrappo – http://bit.ly/14taKIx

Egg Mayonnaise Bagel – http://bit.ly/U1EbjS

Ham Nigello Panino – http://bit.ly/U1HGqB

Hickory Chicken Bacon Wrappo – http://bit.ly/U1IQT9

Hot Tuna Melt – http://bit.ly/U1JVKy

Italia Time – http://bit.ly/U1KTXj

Lo Cal Special – http://bit.ly/U1PcSk

Low Cal Day – http://bit.ly/U1SogJ

Mediterranean Salad – http://bit.ly/U1TvNG

Mozzarella Foccacia – http://bit.ly/U1VhOB

Olive Oil Panini – http://bit.ly/U1WQMs

Quiche Lorraine – http://bit.ly/U1XHNb

Roast Beef Sandwich – http://bit.ly/11ngHYO

Seasonal Wrap – http://bit.ly/11nhusE

Special Panini – http://bit.ly/11ni2yE

Toasted Bagel – http://bit.ly/11niDAD

Toasted Double Decker – http://bit.ly/11nj8uj

Veg Nigello Panino – http://bit.ly/WjUCqL

Veg Salad Bowl – http://bit.ly/WjUUOr 

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